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A Million Mutinies Later

The future is always to an extent uncertain, but perhaps no more so than now. While globally we have come to recognise this moment through a shared sense of unpredictability, of being in a state of flux accompanied by fear, the collective discomfort arises not only from the current state of affairs but from how these conditions seem ungraspable. Wikileaks, protest marches, coups, and rebellions, have become constant realities in our lives wherever you may live. Yet clarity evades us as we try to comprehend these movements that have changed the very fabric of our global society.

As a modern nation and global economic player, India has been seen on the threshold over the last thirty years – with liberalisation making way for a constant barrage of reforms and revolts, spurred on by the massive changes brought on by the coming of information technology, urbanisation, and a renewed sense of nationalism.  Featuring 14 contemporary Indian artists working in a variety of media, A Million Mutinies Later – India at 70 is an enquiry into not only the real India but the equally present and significant other, i.e. the imagined India, which has significantly evolved and transformed itself in the public sphere and the minds of Indians over the years.

The A Million Mutinies Later – India at 70 exhibition is part of Dreamtigers, a major new Ffotogallery project in which artists and cultural professionals from India and Wales collaborate around the making and presentation of new work that reflects how creativity, technology and a renewed sense of national identity are shaping the lives of future generations.