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On 1st August 2016, 118 people were rescued from a rubber boat drifting in the Mediterranean Sea, 20 nautical miles far from the Libyan coast. One more of the hundreds of boats that have been rescued by the Italian Coast Guard and NGOs working in the area in the past years.  

 Every day since the humanitarian crisis began in the Mediterranean similar numbers are exchanged by the authorities in charge of the rescue and spread through the media. But, who are the people behind these numbers? 

 These photographs are part of a project composed by 118 portraits of the whole number of passengers of that rubber boat, taken minutes after the end of the rescue, once every person was safe and on board of the rescue vessel. It's an attempt to put face and name to the numbers, a search for the humanisation of this tragedy. They are the protagonist and passengers of that rescue, that one more rescue, that took place in the Mediterranean Sea on 1st August 2016.