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A Mini Revolution!

The Children of Radnor Road primary school make their thoughts about today’s politics clear in their brilliant poem and animation.

If you build a wall

If you build a wall
we can knock it down with morse code
bang a drum, play flutes and piano
sing, scream, and shout
stamp, clap and laugh

If you build a wall
we’ll throw medicine over
food and bouncy balls
message on paper aeroplanes
presents and things left behind

If you build a wall
we’ll fly on santa’s reindeer
teleport, jet pack, hot air ballon
float inside a bubble
levitate or use rocket boots

If you build a wall
we’ll use a wrecking ball
sledgehammer, a cannon,
crash a train, dig a tunnel…

The film was made by Ffotogallery working with Radnor Primary School in partnership with A2 Connect: Arts And Education Network Central South as part of the Tidy! 2017 project.  

For more information about this project and A2 Connect please go to A2connect.org