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The Impossible Dreams Exchange

Max number of participants: 20

When: Wed 24 May, 13:00-14:00

Bring your sandwiches and join us to dream up impossible ideas. What kind of artistic work might we make if we forgot gravity, forgot money, forgot societal patterns and technological constraints? This is a lighthearted lunchtime session. A chance to meet other artists and collectively invent ideas. An opportunity to explore new ways of looking at things. The wilder the better. If we’re going to start a revolution, we should imagine the future we’re aiming for.

Portfolio Sessions

Wed 24 May, bookable 30 minute sessions between 14:00-16:00

Following The Impossible Dreams Exchange, Arts/Tech Producer Victoria Tillotson will be around for a couple of hours to chat with people about their practice and ideas. These sessions are open to all artists interested in using tech or technologists interested in working within the arts. The conversation can centre on any aspect that you would like to discuss.

Victoria is a Producer at Watershed, where she designs and delivers creative labs and artistsʼ residency opportunities within the Pervasive Media Studio. Victoria has a background is visual art and previously co-produced projects as part of the Collect, a loose affiliation of creative producers working out the role and nature of collaboration through the act of collaboration itself.

Image © Luke Boland

To book, contact: Rosie Parry at [email protected]