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Iris Prize: From the Archive

BOY (2015) Lucas Helth Postma

16-year-old Emilie has always been a boy inside. His big struggle in life is that his mother wants Emilie to be a girl and cannot accept the way that Emilie feels inside. At an Easter lunch Emilie decides to do something drastic, which has its consequences. 

TOMGIRL (2015) Jeremy Asher

Girls play with dolls and boys love sports, right? This film takes a look at what happens when those stereotypes are called into question.  Jake, a lovable gender non-conforming seven year- old, invites us into his world to explore the transforming power that love and support can have when young children are accepted for who they really are. 

PRIVATE LIFE (2007) Abbe Robinson

Yorkshire, England 1952. Ruth Ackroyd leaves the monotony of her work at her father’s textile mill on a Friday evening and secretly takes the train to Manchester. On the platform she meets a young man and they embrace. But, all is not what it seems...