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Diffusion In a Day

We will be showing you how to do ‘Diffusion in a day.’ A perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday, looking at some fantastic work and seeing the beautiful sights of Cardiff.

Lets start at Ffotogallery’s Turner House in Penarth, (Easily accessible by train) Here we are showing Marcelo Brodsky and John ‘’Hoppy’  Hopkins.
Brodsky uses illustration to edit images of significant times of revolution bringing new life to the images, While Hoppy documents the vibrancy of discontent and the emerging counter-culture in Britain between 1960 and 1966.


From Turner House we advise taking a 40 minute walk across the scenic Cardiff barrage, in to the bay where this is an array of exhibitions to see. Why not start at Merchant Place where the art of Hillary Powell and Akshay Mahajan are on display outside of the beautiful landmark.

Merchant Place

While in the Bay you can visit Boundary Art, Bay Art and Unit 15 in Mermaid Quay featuring great works by the likes of Amak Mahmoodian, Marta Mak, and Manuel Bougot.

Image © Cate Cheng
Image © Cate Cheng
Unit 15

Finish up with a visit to @Thecentr where we have our #zeitgeist exhibition featuring a selection of talented artists (make sure to tweet a photo to #TheGlasswork which will play your picture back to you through sound.


Following on from here it is a short 10 minute walk to @thesustainablestudio who’s beautiful space is worth a visit. Highlights include Rab Harlings photo documentation of the gentrification of Balfron tower, as well as a sound installation from @johnny_Dots


A Further 10 minute walk and you will find yourself at Wood Street in the town centre, where we have the Diffusion Hub at 4w, and the ‘stute just a few doors down.
kennardphillipps have created an exhibition through image and physical objects in response to the diffusion theme, influenced by modern politics. Also, on Wood street we have fantastic work from Sebastian Bruno and Edward Barber.


Right next to Wood St (a mere 3 minute walk) is the town centre where you can find ‘The Icon/The Star’ on display in Queens arcade, as well as #COLOURFULREVOLUTION in House of Fraser. On your way, why not pop in to @littlemancoffee for a coffee break and see evocation collective, with a weekly changes of images curate by Nick Wotton.

Take a 1 minute walk down to Castle St, opposite the beautiful Cardiff Castle.
Here you will find Duke street Arcade, with moving images by Cassi Alexandera, who has taken portraits in response to the Pulse, Orlando Shooting.
From here visit MYA on Castle St where Lais Pontes looks at Self-Image and ANGEL where we are featuring some award winning LGBT films from Iris Prize)


There is one last stop on the tour, a 15 minute walk (or 5 minute bus) in to Canton takes you to Chapter Arts Centre where we have work on display by kennardphillipps in the Lightbox as you enter the building. A group exhibition in the Gallery space, and then finally settling down in the café-bar where Peter Finnemore’s large scale prints run along the entire wall. This is also a perfect time to sit down enjoy a meal, or some drinks and congratulate yourself on completing the diffusion marathon ;)